Upcoming adventure

This week we got a fence installed around our back yard. Really we just finished off the parts that our neighbors fences didn’t enclose. We have been telling the kids that we couldn’t have a dog because we didn’t have a fence. Well, now that we have remedied that situation and we are ready for a dog. We did some research about dogs and have decided that we like Beagles best. Kami started looking on all the websites we could find for dogs in the area but couldn’t really find what we wanted. She did find some scams though. Eventually she found a posting for some puppies that were just born and would be available on September 1st. We decided that we wanted to get 2, a boy and a girl. We drove to Kennewick, WA yesterday to meet the owners and the puppies. The kids were so excited and the puppies were so cute. We picked out the 2 that we wanted and put a little money down. We might be able to pick them up on the 27th. We are anxiously awaiting the call from the owner that it is time to get them. Here are some pictures from the trip. The first 2 pictures are of the 2 we picked out.


Now we need to pick names. We probably won’t settle on them until we get them home but we are open to suggestions.

 Comments (2) 

  1. Pam Cornwall says:

    I love those puppies already. Good luck Kami!!!

  2. ian says:

    It’s going to be crazy. Hopefully you can come visit when they are really small still.

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