Windows 8

I installed Windows 8 on my Virtual Machine today. I really wish I could learn the reasoning behind the new interface. Granted I’ve only been really using it for a couple of hours or so but they have worked really hard to limit productivity. So far the 2 biggest things are a missing task bar and the different desktop environments.

First, I need a task bar to quickly switch between tasks. I can alt-tab or window-tab but I don’t have a readily available task bar that I can just click the application of my choice. I multi-task a lot. I have 7 applications running right now and that’s a few less than normal.

Second and this has been the most irritating. Microsoft added the Metro interface as the primary interaction interface. Most of my programs don’t interface with that though so I have to use the desktop side and it has to do this weird switching back and forth. It’s kinda hard to explain. The worst part of the whole thing I noticed with Google Chrome. This is my primary browser. There was indeed a way to install from the store so I got it in the Metro interface. It’s integrated so it fits with that pretty well. I got it synced up so it had my theme, bookmarks, add-ins and what not. Then I was in the “Desktop” with another application and needed my browser. So I clicked chrome and it launched a new instance that was completely disconnected from the earlier one. No sync setup, no bookmarks, nothing. It was as if I hadn’t run the program before.

This is the worst version of Windows yet. I haven’t been this frustrated with software in a long time.

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