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Published on: September 13, 2010

My 2 boys are huge fans of Brian Regan and have so many of his jokes memorized. We were pretty excited when we saw that he was coming. We were lucky enough to have such a great neighbor/friend that manages the bookings for the Colosseum on campus. Kami asked if there was any way that we could meet Brian and he said he’d look in to it. Thursday he stopped Kami in the cul-de-sac to tell her that we should show up at 6:30 and we’d be able to meet him.

It’s a little weird knowing that you are going to meet a celebrity. What do you say? We figured we’d wing it. We also brought a box of pop-tarts for him to autograph. We showed up a little bit early and went to the place we were supposed to wait. The boys were being pretty crazy. They couldn’t keep still while we waited. Finally we were taken down to the locker room with about 15 other people. 2 of which were young reporters from the middle school who had been planning on video taping an interview but were not going to be able to because of time constraints or something. I’m not really sure of the reasons.

We got down to the locker room and waited a couple of minutes for Brian. He came in and worked his way around the room. My boys were kind of in shock. He shook Stuart’s hand and Kami told him he had his jokes memorized. We asked him to sign the box of pop-tarts and gave him a sharpie. It was the kind that you click instead of pulling off the top. He tried to pull the cap off and I pointed out that it was the click kind and he started to ham it up that he would have been there a while. I got a picture of that. Then he continued around the room.

When he got to the reporters one of them mentioned that they were supposed to interview him but something had happened. Brian was so sweet about it. He told them they could do the interview and then told his manager guy “I don’t know what happened with that but we need to fix it.” When he finished saying Hi to every one we all got some photos with him and then they cleared the room for the interview. It was really nice.

So then we went back upstairs to the show. It was really good. The opening act Kermit Apio was really funny. Not quite as goofy so he didn’t entertain the kids much. I thought he was great though. Then Brian came out and was hilarious. Stuart was laughing so hard. Andy fell asleep. My face hurt from laughing so much. He did all new material until his encore set where it ended up being requests. It was really a phenomenal show. Here’s some pictures.

If you don’t know why we brought pop-tarts, here’s his bit on that.

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