Damage Control Your Sprint Hero

by ian
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Published on: April 11, 2010

A little while ago I decided that it was time to get a little more creative with my Sprint HTC Hero.  I did some searching for custom ROMS that I could put on my phone.  I started with one called Fresh ROM.  I tried a few others and I have settled on DamageControl.  It is nice to have Android 2.1 on my phone.  Who knows when the official one will come out from Sprint.  Anyway, I wanted to put together a start to finish Tutorial on the process.  If you are brave enough, go for it.

Notes: This is for the Sprint Hero (CDMA) only.  I don’t know what happens with other phones.  I am also not liable if you screw up your phone in this process.  That, being said, it’s not hard and I haven’t screwed up a phone yet. Also, you will have to wipe your phone.  You will need to reinstall all of your apps.  Now on to the instructions.

  1. On your phone go to Menu->Settings->Applications and make sure that “Unknown Sources” is enabled.
  2. Make sure you have a file manager installed.  I use OI File manager.
  3. Download these 3 files. recovery-RA-heroc-v1.5.2.img flashrec-1.1.3-20091107-2.apk DamageControlv2.06.zip
  4. Copy the files to the root of your sd card
  5. Open your file manager, find the flashrec apk and install it.
  6. Start the flashrec app
  7. Click Backup Recovery Image
  8. When that finishes, click the empty box and type in /sdcard/recovery-RA-heroc-v1.5.2.img
    This installs the most important part.  This allows you to boot your phone into a recovery console with many more options like flashing the ROM.
  9. Click Flash Recovery Image
  10. Turn off the phone
  11. Boot into the recovery mode by holding down the home key and pressing the power button.  Keep holding it until it goes into the Recovery console.
  12. In the console, scroll down to wipe and click the trackball
  13. Click again on Wipe data/factory reset
  14. Press the Home key to confirm.
  15. Hit the back key to get back to the main menu.
  16. Scroll down to Backup/Restore and click
  17. Click Nand Backup.  *Optional*  (This will backup your current phone state so you can get back if you want)
  18. Home to confirm
  19. When that is done click back
  20. Click Flash zip from sdcard.
  21. Select the DamageControl ROM you downloaded earlier.
  22. Click Home to confirm
  23. Click back when that is done.
  24. Click Reboot system
  25. Enjoy!

That should be all you need.  If you want to flash other ROMs, just download the zip file, put it on your sdcard and go back to step 11.

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